20 Health Benefits To Moxibustion

20 Health Benefits To Moxibustion: 

1. Stops the spreading of infection from acute or chronic diseases, and alleviates pain. Also, expels coldness and blood stasis

2. Functions as an enhancement and boosts the immune system

3. Helps in normalizing or lowering blood pressure

4. Activates and strengthens the body's cells to heal wounds faster

5. Helps in weight loss and weight control

6. Helps increase white and red blood cells to strengthen the hemoglobin and fight against anemia

7. Works as an enhancement for digestive diseases. Helps regulate the stomach and intestine which in return strengthens the digestive system

8. Clears negative blood and toxins from the body

9. Helps treat health conditions related to a weak kidney or high blood pressure

10. Helps weaken cancer cells through the moxa's heat. Studies indicated that applying moxibustion directly on top of the cancer mass will weaken the cancer cells 

11. Treats AIDS and Virus diseases. Helps multiple white blood cells

12. Treats sexual conditions such as impotence, pre-ejaculation, and infertility

13. Protects the body from contagious diseases

14. Strengthens the body's metabolism and helps in restoring the body's youth

15. Treats alcoholic substance abuse and pesticide addiction by releasing toxins from the body

16. Treats various skin-related conditions: acne, aging spots, wrinkles

17. Increases growth hormones in the body

18. Changes and normalizes acidic blood to alkali blood 

19. Improves heart diseases by producing more adrenalin and expanding the blood vessel

20.  Expands the capillary vessel and helps the blood stream to travel freely

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