"I have been seeing Dr. Kim for the past five years. I have several medical conditions (Crohn's Disease and two types of Arthiritis). I have been going and still go to Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles because of the quality of care. Before I discovered Dr. Kim, the treatment prescribed by my doctors at Cedars was Remicade. It greatly reduced my symptoms, but because of the side effects I was getting colds and strep throats more often. The side effects also increased the risk Lymphoma; which my mother died from and that scared me. Remicade worked by suppressing the immune system. As far as I knew then, I thought I would need Remicade for the rest of my life (these are chronic conditions). I decided to try alternative medical treatment in conjunction with the treatment recommended by the doctors at Cedars. When I first started seeing Dr. Kim she told me that, with her treatments, I would be able to stop the Remicade. I have to admit that I was skeptical. To make a long story short, with Dr. Kim's very specialized treatment I was able to stop the Remicade (three years ago). I have no more strep throat and I can't remember the last time I had a cold! I could not have been more relieved knowing that I no longer needed Remicade. She has helped my immune system and reduced my other symptoms all with natural, non-chemical treatments. These conditions are also progressive and I truly feel that they have not progressed as much as they would have without the wonderful care that i have received. Dr. Kim has also helped me with my other ailments.

Dr. Kim is one of the most warm, loving, and caring people that I know. She and all of her staff care very much about their patients and go far out of their way to help.  The staff always has a positive attitude and smile. I know that you will feel better if you go to 153 Acupuncture & Herbs.  I am truly amazed at what I have experienced there."

                                                                        - Bo S.


"Dr. Kim is a very knowledgeable and caring person.  One of the things I like about 153 Acupuncture is that as soon as you walk in you feel the presence of God.  It is so relaxing and the moxibustion treatment really helps with whatever pain you had that day. 

I have known Dr. Kim since 2008.  I had a car accident 6 months ago and I started having excruciating pain on my shoulder and arms to the point where I could not sleep or lift up my arms.  After a few treatments I am doing much better to where I can at least sleep through the night.  Love the staff too, very friendly and caring.  If you have any health issues you should go see Dr. Kim."

                                                                                     -  Damarys S.


"On account that my stomach was really messed up (it's been messed up for close to two years and I was feeling beyond awful, to the point where I could barely function), a friend recommended me to 153 Acupuncture & Herbs Healing Center.  I was skeptical at first because everything I had tried in order to help myself never worked.    

I have to say, this place is AMAZING.  Doctor You Joo (Esther) Kim knew immediately what was wrong with me.  I was having all types of weird symptoms ranging from indigestion, lack of concentration, lack of sleep, etc. 

At the time I didn't know that the root of all of my problems was coming from my stomach and from poor dieting.  I am starting to feel better and am following a new diet plan with my weekly treatment of acupuncture and moxa (moxibustion).

I plan on continuing to go here, they all do such an amazing job.  I am so grateful for everything that they have done to help me out.  You truly are a God sent Dr. Kim and thank you for everything that you have been doing to help ensure that I get better."

                                                                                   - Leah P.

I am a 60 year old woman. I was burned out of physical and mental stress after 16 years of immigration life in the U.S. I suddenly passed out one day, and I went to the emergency room. I got a check-up all day and was given various medicines. There were no improvements even after two weeks, so I stopped taking those medicines and went to 153 Acupuncture to see Dr. Kim. I couldn't sleep because of the pain on the shoulder, back, and waist. I've gotten a warning sign on the heart and often became anxious and out of breath. My tongue was dry and had severe vomiting symptoms that I couldn't eat foods. I ad diarrhea 5-6 times a day and lost 12 pounds. However, I started to get various treatments such as herbal medicines, acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping, along with prayer. My health gradually got better, and I could feel the difference every day. Now my body is fully recovered. I went back to the hospital and got another check-up: abdominal radiation, breast, thyroid, heart. And all the results came out as normal. Thanks go out to Dr. Kim for her prayer and wholehearted treatments. I glorify and give thanks to Jehova Rapha, and I'm thankful for Dr. Kim's hard works as well. I highly recommend 153 Acupuncture, the place of healing.


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